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NAPC Extreme Race Transmission

IMG_2565"Thanks to NAPC for building a awesome transmission. I have a NAPC extreme race trans on my 96 12valve, I have made over 200 passes with the trans and close to 100 running low 11’s to mid 10’s with 1.66-1.50 60ft’s with no problems. This transmission easily gets the power to the ground!" -Devon Lock

Superior Quality

  • Over 50+ years experience
  • ATRA Certified Technicians
  • Rebuilt in-house, from the ground up.
  • Dedicated unit builders
  • All seals replaced
  • We never use cheaper off-shore parts

Spec D Lights Special

Spec-D ModuleNADP is an authorized Spec-D dealer and carries a wide variety of after market lights for your Ford, Dodge, or Chev. Whether your looking fr tail lights, brake lights, or head lamps, NADP is your source for all Diesel and Gas accessories. We also install everything we sell, so if your switching to LED and aren't sure how to bypass that pesky speedy blinker issue, due to the low power draw of LEDS, just book an appointment with our service centre and have them installed same day.

Save $50 on your lights today; call toll free at 1-866-456-4498

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