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NAPC Extreme Race Transmission

IMG_2565"Thanks to NAPC for building a awesome transmission. I have a NAPC extreme race trans on my 96 12valve, I have made over 200 passes with the trans and close to 100 running low 11’s to mid 10’s with 1.66-1.50 60ft’s with no problems. This transmission easily gets the power to the ground!" -Devon Lock

Superior Quality

  • Over 50+ years experience
  • ATRA Certified Technicians
  • Rebuilt in-house, from the ground up.
  • Dedicated unit builders
  • All seals replaced
  • We never use cheaper off-shore parts

LML Duramax Tuning


The LML engine was significantly updated for 2011 to provide improved exhaust emissions that comply with the new federal emission standards for diesel engines, provide better engine rigidity and further noise reduction. New 29,000 PSI piezo injectors, a complete fuel system-hardening to tolerate up to 20% biodiesel mixtures and urea injection (to reduce Nitrogen oxides) with a 5.8 gallon urea tank are updating the fuel and emissions systems. This engine also has now 9 fuel injectors, one directly injecting in the exhaust tract, to allow raw fuel injection during the particulate filter recycling routine. This was previously accomplished by running raw fuel through the engine via the engine fuel injectors without igniting the fuel (valves were kept open), but risks of washing down cylinder walls and causing engine damage are increased with the use of Biodiesel. The RPO LML engine is rated at 397 horsepower at 3000 rpm and 765 lb.-ft. of torque at 1600 rpm.

EGR Unplug Information What is SCR & DEF?

Toll Free: 1-866-456-4498

This page show the different power levels for the 2011 6.6L LML Duramax.

The graph below shows the difference between a BONE STOCK LML and one equipped with a downpipe-back exhaust system and Mini Maxx on the DPF Removed HOT setting:

-STOCK: 360 HP / 671 Ft-Lb Torque

-HOT: 497 HP / 994 Ft-Lb Torque!!!

SVH 2011 LML Duramax Dyno

The dyno graph below shows the DPF Removed NO POWER, DPF Removed MILD, and DPF Removed WILD Power Levels:

-NO POWER: 361 HP / 690 Ft-Lb Torque

-MILD: 406 HP / 803 Ft-Lb Torque

-WILD: 453 HP / 910 Ft-Lb Torque

NPVMVW 2011 LML Duramax Dyno

The dyno graph below shows the DPF Removed MILD, DPF Removed WILD, and DPF Removed HOT Power Levels:

-MILD: 406 HP / 803 Ft-Lb Torque

-WILD: 453 HP / 910 Ft-Lb Torque

-HOT: 497 HP / 994 Ft-Lb Torque!!!

MVWVH 2011 LML Duramax Dyno

The dyno graph below shows the DPF Present Power Levels :

(No HOT setting is currently available for DPF Present tuning)

-STOCK: 360 HP / 671 Ft-Lb Torque

-MILD:  388 HP / 738 Ft-Lb Torque

-WILD: 421 HP / 837 Ft-Lb Torque


*All H&S Performance DPF Removed tuning is for OFF-ROAD CLOSED COURSE RACING use ONLY.
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